Polish manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment for the retail food store industry, confectionery-bakery industry and gastronomy.
IGLOO Sp. z o.o. Stary Wiśnicz 289 32-720 Nowy Wiśnicz, Poland

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Template LIGHT AND SOUND SIGNALIZATION 02 indicates that the unit is in the room sterilization cycle with ozone ERGONOMIC GRIP 03 STERILISATION MODE SECTION O3 09 segment display indicating the operating mode and error codes, „+”, „-”, „PROG. SET” and „START” buttons and warning lights „O3” and „!” LEDS INDICATING INDIVIDUAL OPERATING MODES 04 of the device and „START” buttons activating individual operating modes THE SIGNAL LAMP 05 signals a user safe ozone concentration in the air after the ozone cycle GRAPHICAL DISPLAY 06 of the sterilisation cycle diagram OZONE TIME SECTION 10 segmented display for process time, „+”, „-” and „SET” buttons MAIN SWITCH 01 CARTRIDGE FILTERS 12 easy to replace THE CONTROLLER WITH OZONE SENSOR 13 manages the operation of the unit and analyzes the ozone concentration in the room LEGS OR CASTORS 07 depending on the model O3 CONCENTRATION SECTION 08 display indicating the ozone concentration and „+”, „-” and „SET” buttons ALARM ICONS 11 for failure of a system of ozone generators, ozone sensor or UV-C fluorescent lamps